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AI APPLICATIONS is a software development and consulting company founded in 2023 that focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in knowledge-intensive areas such as learning, teaching, research and innovation.

Our family business combines diverse and extensive experiences in fields such as software development, AI engineering, design, art, social sciences, and didactics, which ideally complement each other. This unique combination allows us to offer versatile, customized, and exclusive services.

Despite our modest team size, the strategic use of artificial intelligence across all areas of our company — from software engineering to design and marketing — enables efficient and cost-effective scaling of our services.

our story

Due to our shared interests in knowledge acquisition and management and our strong belief in the transformative quality of AI Technologies, we partnered up to build our first software product KUWII in 2022. Since then and due to the rapid developments in the field of AI, not only the App but also our vision for engaging AI in knowledge-related work grew into the AI APPLICATIONS GmbH, where we are now able to share our experience and knowledge with others, either in the form of resources, consultation, and workshops or in partnering up in the development of KUWII Plugins.

Since we started the development of KUWII our focus has been on developing software solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, designed to significantly impact both individuals and organizations. We intentionally build KUWII in a way that allows us to adapt the software fast, to fit the unique needs of a wide variety of knowledge acquisition and management-related use-cases.


Dr. Peter Jäger is co-founder and CEO of AI APPLICATIONS. With a background in General Linguistics and a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP), as well as Technical Computer Science, he studied the possibilities of artificial intelligence from the very beginning of his career, leading to a specialization in AI Engineering in 2010. From his years of developing software, he is currently holding six software patents. Next to that he studied and applied Knowledge Management systems at an organisational level. He also managed software development teams for multiple years. In addition, he worked as an SAP Technology Consultant since 1995.

His continuous efforts to study and apply new technologies and approaches, such as cloud computing, natural language processing, semantic technologies and deep learning, make him a well-rounded expert in the field. His expertise allows him to contribute directly to technical deliverables while also guiding and coaching development teams toward success.

Additionally, throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in designing and developing training programs and has successfully coached numerous individuals and teams.

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photo showing Dr. Peter Jäger


With a background in arts and comparative literature studies, Alisa Jäger is a software designer and developer, bringing a unique blend of creative and analytical thinking to her work. The intersection of her passions for the arts, literature, and linguistics with the advancements in AI technology ignited her fascination with AI software development and its integration into knowledge work.

While designing and co-developing KUWII she among other things worked on the UI/UX design, imagining and reducing features into a viable product and helping to shape the vision, while valuing a creative and solution-focused approach. Additionally, she conducted prompt engineering for the LLM-based KUWII Assistant.

photo showing Alisa Jäger


Isis Jäger is a co-founder and Director of Communications at AI APPLICATIONS. She brings extensive expertise in the field of social sciences. After successfully completing her degree in education, she has gathered diverse experiences in various areas of communication and organization.

In her role, she is responsible for internal communications, client communications, as well as the planning and coordination of appointments and company events. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in the public relations activities of the company.

Her studies, particularly her thesis in the field of didactics, enable Isis Jäger to significantly enrich the training and knowledge dissemination programs of the company.

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photo showing Isis Jäger