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KUWII - the personal knowledge system

Our product KUWII is a web application with which you can build your personal knowledge base available on all your devices. You can capture your knowledge in the forms of notes, tasks, and links grouped in topics, facets, and projects. The AI-based KUWII Assistant helps you learn, organize, and grow. KUWII is currently in private Beta and will be released to the public this year.

KUWII Beta Screenshot - Topic 'My dog Leo'
KUWII Work Area for Topic "My dog Leo" (dark theme)


We envision our product KUWII as a platform that embodies an AI-assisted knowledge ecosystem formed through the connection and interconnection of Personal Knowledge Networks (PKNs) of individual users. By sharing and collaborating on information clusters within one’s PKN, individuals actively participate in all facets of knowledge acquisition, dissemination, and presentation. Within this ecosystem, individuals leverage their network of contacts while also accessing publicly available information clusters contributed by others to expand their PKN and subsequently are supported in their ongoing learning efforts. 

engage AI in knowledge work

Utilizing the rapidly growing technology of Large Language Models (LLM), the KUWII Assistant aims to cover all components of personal knowledge management:

  1. Retrieving and analysing information
  2. Securing and organising information
  3. Collaborating around and presenting information
  4. Rethinking and generating new information

For those purposes, KUWII uses different approaches of AI assistance from chat format to retrieving and presenting information in a structured format and executing user-defined tasks automatically. 

KUWII represents a paradigm shift in how we approach knowledge acquisition and sharing. By emphasizing the personal learning approach nested inside a collective, individuals better adapt to fast-changing knowledge environments and grow personally as well as collectively. 

KUWII Beta Screenshot - Assistant proposes tasks
KUWII Assisted Projects (light theme)

rethinking personal knowledge management and productivity

There are a series of challenges individuals are facing when trying to build a personal knowledge network or management system for themself. The most common ones are the setup and maintenance of a system and the idiosyncrasy and resulting isolation of the self-made structure. 

Our solution is a system that is both personal, ensuring productivity and longevity, and generalized in the sense that every user’s KUWII is structured in the same way, ensuring optimal collaboration. We started by dividing knowledge work and the creation of a personal knowledge network into its different aspects and derived a set of key elements which are the center of our continuous development efforts.

In KUWII, web search and PKM are no longer two technically separated areas. The integration of a PKM system with web search and AI yields a plethora of possibilities for effective web research.

The AI-based KUWII Assistant leverages a combination of a rule-based system and GenAI with carefully designed prompts that are tailored to the various stages of learning and teaching.

where we stand

Currently, KUWII is in private Beta and we are continuously working on the functionality and features we plan to publicly release with Version 1.0 as well as optimizing the usability and accessibility of the User Interface.

Version 1.0 is planned to include the following features:

  • Note editor with a wide range of customising options
  • Task management based on context
  • Internal Links between information
  • Web-research tool
  • Database tool for structured data
  • AI assistance in setting up research or other project purposes

what's to come

Coming Versions will expand on the current state of the software to meet our goal of becoming a knowledge ecosystem. We plan to release functionalities like collaboration, presentation, uploading files, and a series of plugins shortly. Further, we plan to provide users with a Chrome extension, to seamlessly integrate KUWII into their workflows and much more. 

We also offer partnerships to companies who want to develop and market KUWII plugins jointly with us. With KUWII's unique framework we help small and mid-size companies execute their AI-related ideas fast within our system further expanding the engagement of AI in knowledge-intensive areas of life.


We strongly believe in the democratization of knowledge so we offer a free version of KUWII where all base features are and will stay free of charge. The premium version includes plugins that are more cost-intensive, because of their heavy usage of third-party APIs. These plugins serve as an extension to the base version and will include helpful tools for research and knowledge management.