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AI software development and consulting

Established in 2023, AI APPLICATIONS brings together the expertise of a seasoned software engineer and a skilled designer to develop AI-powered solutions for knowledge-intensive sectors. Our main product, KUWII, reflects our commitment to creating adaptable software solutions for knowledge acquisition and management. Alongside our flagship offering, we offer consultations, workshops, and collaborative projects focused on KUWII Plugins, empowering organizations to harness AI efficiently.

Join us in advancing the future of knowledge management through cutting-edge AI technologies.

knowledge matters

Discover KUWII, an innovative web application rethinking personal knowledge management. Seamlessly accessible across all devices, KUWII empowers users to curate their personal knowledge base through notes, tasks, and links organized within topics, facets, and projects. The AI-based KUWII Assistant helps users learn, teach, research, and innovate. With the integrated web search feature KUWII is a very effective tool for web research.

KUWII is currently in private Beta. Version 1, released shortly, will foster collaborative learning and growth within a dynamic AI-assisted knowledge ecosystem.

KUWII Beta Screenshot - Assistant summarizes goal discussion
KUWII Assistant summarizes project after initial goal discussion
KUWII Beta Screenshot - Assistant proposes tasks
KUWII Assistant proposes tasks after it has created a project overview note

let's build AI software together

Interested in jointly developing AI software for knowledge-intensive domains or getting training in AI and software development? Contact us for a complimentary online consultation, followed by a detailed proposal outlining our recommended services tailored to your needs.